This is where the world ends by Amy Zhang

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HarperCollins, 2016. ISBN 9780062417879
(Age: 14+) This is where the world ends by Amy Zhang is a vibrant and brilliant novel full to the brim with relatable emotions and situations. Although the novel has some more sombre themes to it, there are many aspects of this book that speak to teens and how they are coping with everyday life and any tragedy within their lives. It is a story about Janie and Micah and their nearly opposite personalities. They are best friends and have been since they were children, even as they grew up and apart, they still had a strong connection to each other.
The story is not set in the traditional linear fashion of novels, but rather, each character tells the sad story from their own stance in the timeline, all to unravel the truth of what really happened one deep dark night (just like in the setting of one of Janie's fairytales) and the outcome of such a sad event. The story line of the novel follows both Janie and Micah in their everyday experiences separate to each other at school and at home and includes their inner-monologues and thoughts about themselves and each other. Amy Zhang has included another way of telling the thrilling and powerful story by including excerpts from The Journal of Janie Vivian. These pages include drawings and designs relevant to the character and display another means of character expression throughout the novel.
This book would be better suited to readers 14+ due to sexual and violent themes found within the story.
This is where the world ends is a strong and fierce novel that captivates readers, relates to readers and gives them another perspective on life through the collective eyes of Janie and Micah, two very strong and memorable characters.
Sarah Filkin