The crazy friend by Kim Kane and Jon Davis

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Ginger Green, Play Date Queen series. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2016. ISBN 9781760127718
(Age: 5-7) Highly recommended. Lots of fun in this book for emerging readers! Ginger Green just loves having her friends over for a play date, but sometimes things can become difficult. Today she is playing with Maisy but Maisy is crazy! She is noisy and runs all over the house; she sheds her clothes and races around nude but worst of all she climbs onto the roof with mum's car keys. How will Ginger cope with Maisy's bad behaviour?
This is a story that all children will relate to as the chances are that a friend who seemed fine at school can be rather different when they come around for a play date. The dilemma for a child is how to persuade a friend to play by the rules that operate in their household and also to play safely and not put anyone or anything at risk. Ginger manages to get her friend off the roof and to find an activity that will keep them both active and happy. This could engender lots of discussion about playing safely and treating other people's home in a respectful manner.
This aside, the story is a great one with lots of humour, easy chapters, big font and the illustrations of little foxes by Jon Davis are a delight. It will be perfect as a book for newly independent readers.
Pat Pledger