Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero by Francesca Armour-Chelu

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Walker Books, 2016. ISBN 9781406363128
(Age: 10+) Highly recommended. In Fenn Halflin's world, the sea has been taking over for as long as he has been alive and before. The landborn, who are lead by Terra Firma, hunt and banish the seaborn from the land, keeping the safe, land areas for themselves. They kidnap children to be slaves and to build walls around the land. Fenn is 13 and has been hidden by his grandfather, hidden from Terra Firma who are always looking for boys. Unknown to Fenn, he is the lost child of two resistance leaders who were killed by Terra Firma. One night, the warship is seen and Fenn's grandfather organises for Fenn to leave. They are separated. Fenn is smuggled out on a ship but halfway through the journey, fear encourages the captain to abandon Fenn in a shanty town located in the middle of the sea and from which, escape is impossible. Will Fenn and his new friend escape this place of despair. A place where food is scarce and you have to fight to survive.
Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero is the first in a series about the end of the world. The heroes are all children, showing readers you can make changes and be brave no matter your age. The writing is suspenseful in places, making it highly engaging. The author uses descriptive writing to immerse the reader in the happenings in this watery and scary world. Highly recommended for boys aged 10+ but anyone who likes an adventure story will definitely be hanging out for the next instalment.
Kylie Kempster