Three by Justin D'Ath

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Ford Street Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9781925272277
(Age: 11-14) Sunday Balewo is sixteen, a keen soccer player and in love with Holly Parr. His father is also President for Life of an African nation, Zantugi.
But everything changes dramatically when Sunday's parents are killed in a coup and Sunday himself is being targeted, not by a guerrilla but by a baboon, a trained animal wearing a suicide vest.
Even though Sunday escapes the immediate attack, the baboon and its handlers are determined to track him down. He must find somewhere to hide and someone to help him. Anyone breaking the curfew at night is in danger of being shot, which makes Sunday's plight even more hazardous.
Just as in D'Ath's Extreme Adventure series, the plot is fast paced, unpredictable and full of suspense. Some of the facts we discover about the baboon, and some twists in the plot are less than credible but entertainment is the main focus here. Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students of both sexes will enjoy this story and empathise with Sunday.
Thelma Harvey