WeirDo: Crazy Weird by Anh Do

cover image

Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781760159085
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Weir Do visits the dentist and discovers he needs braces. How embarrassing! Will he ever open his mouth again? Mum can't make him and his pets keep running away from him. How will he ever get through a day at the fun fair with his friends? Worse yet, the girls he likes keeps on wanting to talk to him. There is no way Weir Do wants her to see his teeth!
WeirDo - Crazy Weird is book 6 in the WeirDo collection and is highly entertaining. The author has the right mix of silly events, black and white images and a variety of fonts to help create an engaging story. It features short bursts of text, making it a great first novel for budding readers. Highly recommended for boys aged 7+ but girls will enjoy it as well. The book is also very supportive of more reluctant readers thanks to the short text, interesting illustrations and quick moving storyline.
Kylie Kempster