Fizz and the dog academy rescue by Lesley Gibbes

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Ill. by Stephen Michael King. Fizz series. Allen and Unwin, 2016. ISBN 9781760112844
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Dogs. Police. A second book in this wonderful new series about Fizz the police dog, see the animals at their training academy. Gibbes has fun having the dogs arrive in vehicles which bely their size and breed. They are first checked over by a vet and here we see that Amadeus, the burly German Shepherd is still as dictatorial and rude as ever.
At the academy they are given tasks to achieve and as the story proceeds, it is obvious that someone is sabotaging their efforts. The balance bean collapses, trapping Apollo beneath it and he must go to the clinic for help. But the teeth marks on the beam seem to impel Fizz into action as he puts all of his skills into place to suss out the saboteur. He amasses a number of clues before he is able to expose the problem and a funny conclusion is reached which will surprise the reader.
Again the humour is evident as Amadeus is up to his old tricks of belittling the other dogs, while Fizz is able to make friends with some new faces. Kings's illustrations are a treat, giving an image for readers to concentrate on as they read, and giving another level of humour for children to laugh at.
These will be sought after in schools, libraries and bookshops, and another two are available as well, Fizz and the show dog jewel thief, and Fizz and the handbag dognapper. With short, easy to read chapters and a contents page, these will be a hit with new readers.
Fran Knight