Mutant rising by Steve Feasey

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Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408855720
(Age: 15+) Recommended. This book follows on from the first novel Mutant City.
Scorched Earth: 'Grey. The place hadn't always been so; once it must have been a multitude of colours and lights, but not any longer. Now everything was grey and lifeless.'
This is a story about five mutants: Rush, telekinetic; Anya, shapeshifter; Jax, mind reader; Flea, time-stopper; and Brick, healer. They are honing their skills and learning to use them to defend Scorched earth from the evil government of President Melk. They are evading capture and are in hiding.
The Pure who are living well in the Cities and are oblivious to President Melk's resolution to the 'mutant problem'. There are interesting comparisons to be made here with the holocaust and the role of bystanders. Further discussions around the decisions to stay or go/fight or retreat lead the reader to compare moments in this book with events in history.
'Although a long time had passed since the exodus, the memories of so many Mutes leaving the Blacklands to find 'a better place' still played on the minds of many who had chosen to stay behind'.
This book is an action-packed thriller. The violence is strong and the betrayals are devastating. Anya presents an opportunity to consider the consequences of emotions overpowering rational thought and the power of the desire for vengeance. The writing is strong and the scenes ready for translation into the movie version of this book.
Linda Guthrie