Chasing dreams by Karen Wood

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Trickstars bk 5. Allen and Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781743319109
(Age: Early chapter book readers) Themes: Dreams; Horse-riding; Performance. The Trickstars trick-riding triplets face a new possibility in their lives after their Aunt Zelda posts a video of their amazing skills on the internet. Aunt Zelda, a practising fortune-teller, creates a dream opportunity for the girls through this publicity which is not immediately appreciated by the girl's Grandfather. An unfortunate accident occurs that almost prevents them showing their skills, but the girls still get to perform to a talent scout for their favourite television show.
The skills of the girls as trick-riders are central to the story, but their inherited 'magical' traits from their gypsy background also influence life. The mystic factor is usually low-key in this series, but it is inherent in the story-line. The triplets overcome their struggles and demonstrate positive behaviours with the occasional influence of the visions or magical gifts from their family heritage.
Suited for girls who love horses, and enjoy a bit of daring in an early chapter book.
Carolyn Hull