The little elephant who lost his bath by Jedda Robaard

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Little Creatures series. The Five Mile Press, 2016. ISBN 9781760400408
(Ages: 1-4) This is a new title in the Little Creatures series, all of which are about an animal who has lost something and is trying to get it back. Others in the series include The little mouse who lost her squeak and The little bear who lost her way. They are all playful and enjoyable to read. In this title, Little Elephant wakes up feeling grouchy. He needs a swim... but he doesn't know where he will find enough water. He tries the shower, a fountain, a sprinkler, a stream, even a paddling pool... but nothing seems to be big enough. Children will enjoy the humourous illustrations showing Elephant trying to fit into a tiny pool and being chased away from the sprinkler by a hose-wielding chick. Eventually Elephant has a brilliant idea and finds the perfect place for a bath.
The flaps - some which open up to double the page height - make for an interactive reading experience for young children and the board book format and durable flaps make it suitable for independent exploration. The narrative, while kept short and simple, integrates some more interesting vocabulary, such as grouchy, brilliant and crowded, so is wonderful word exposure for toddlers and preschoolers. The soft, watercolour illustrations by Robaard portray the cute, cartoon style main characters. The fun typeface is large and integrated with the illustrations, making it perfect for preschoolers and their developing awareness of print.
Nicole Smith-Forrest