There's a magpie in my soup by Sean Farrar

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Ill. by Pat Kan. Big Sky Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9781925275674
(Age: 3+) Humour. Australian animals.
There's a magpie in my soup.
His wings have started to droop.
He's black and white.
And sure gave me a fright.
There's a magpie in my soup.

Not only is there a magpie in the soup, there is a big black snake in the cake, a cockatoo in the loo, a blue tongue lizard in the lunch, and many other crazy animals in strange situations, culminating in a tease about a giddy goanna who had gout.
This is a very funny rhyming story that young children will love to listen to when it is read aloud and could appeal to the newly emerging reader. Lots of alliteration and similes bring the book to life and one of the rhymes makes the reader think - what is that marsupial in the milk?
The illustrations by Pat Kan are very funny and clever. The image of the cockatoo emerging out of the loo, armed with a knife and fork and asking for food is one of many that catch the imagination and tickles the funny bone.
Celebrating Australian animals, this light-hearted picture book is enjoyable and entertaining.
Pat Pledger