Supermum by Leah Russack

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Ill. by Anil Tortop. Scholastic Australia, 2016. ISBN 9781760158545
(Age: 3-5) Highly recommended. Themes: Mothers, Family Life. Supermum is a celebration of a mother's special powers, her amazing abilities that help her cope with the daily challenges and delights of motherhood. On waking she stretches and yawns, strategically placed next to television heroes from the Secret Superpowers copying her movements on the screen. Outside the rain may be lightly falling, but inside the house Mum is ready to play with her ginger, curly-haired boy. As an eagle dressed in her super cape, scarf and special silver belt and M buckle she uses her x-ray vision to find her child hiding in a box. Supermum 's octopus tentacles carefully hold; bags, bottles, keys, a bunny and a large green umbrella protect her little one. Supermum's mouse ears are just right for super-hearing and Supermum penguin is there for special first aid treatment and a kiss for a grazed knee. She can sniff out smelly socks, read her child's mind and even tell when someone is telling Porky Pies. The loving hugs she gives are the best, what a wonderful mum.
Leanne Russack's gentle, caring story is delightful to read aloud, why not think of some new super powers for Mum or Dad? Anil Tortop's colourful digital illustrations creatively capture the happiness of a day spent with Supermum and her son.
Rhyllis Bignell