The gutsy girl: Escapades for your life of epic adventure by Caroline Paul

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Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781632861238
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. The gutsy girl: Escapades for your life of epic adventure is an amazing book for all readers. The author, Caroline Paul, describes her adventures from milk carton making to climbing the Golden Gate Bridge, showing all readers that their life can be an adventure. Throughout the book are quotes from a variety of female adventurers and heroes to help promote adventurous thinking and remind readers they can think, do and achieve anything.
The stories are descriptive and inspiring as well as a variety of other texts; from procedures showing readers how to tie different knots to explanations and diagrams about clouds and tools. There are blank journal pages for readers to add their own adventures, procedures and favourite quotes.
This book is highly recommended to readers aged 9+. Each chapter is a different story which means it can be picked up at anytime and read in any order. There is also something quite appealing about the solid and exposed cardboard cover with the orange spine and shiny blue text. It reminds me of a journal or memoir and adds to the overall appeal of the book
Kylie Kempster