Take Ted instead by Cassandra Webb

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Ill. by Amanda Francey. New Frontier, 2016. ISBN 9781925059533
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Bedtime. Prevarication. Family life. Bedtime for many families cause some headaches, as the child works all sorts of tricks to forestall going to bed. Many books have been published which give a lovely story of the process of going to bed, culminating in a final goodnight, encouraging the listener to see the action of going to bed as part of their routine.
This book takes a different tack, using the excuses offered by the child in a funny way to get him finally off to bed. The very tired child asks Mum to take anyone but him. He offers his dog, Red, the baby, Seb, the cat, Fred, his older brother, Jedd, his toy, Zed, even Ned, the next door neighbour, until finally Mum uses the bear, Ted as the reason for the child to go to bed.
This lovely rhyming story has the same line at the end of each couplet, encouraging the child to join in and predict what the next words will be. The simple rhyming of words with 'instead' gives scope for predicting of people's names which rhyme, adding another layer of interest for the reader. The funny illustrations of a family at bedtime enhances the text and gives things for the child to spot and laugh about. Mum's lovely slippers, the tired look on many faces, and the final page with everyone in the bed, not quite going to sleep.
All will intrigue and delight younger readers and the book adds to those to read at bedtime to encourage that routine.
Fran Knight