Good knight, bad knight by Tom Knight

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Five Mile Press, 2016. ISBN 9781760402921
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Knights, Friendship, Dragons, Humour. Bad Knight is not enjoying his Knight school: he is failing at everything. He has really strict teachers and finds the work very hard, so much so that the other kids laugh at him. He is building a catapult in school while others are making nesting boxes, but he is waiting for his cousin to arrive. Good Knight will be a friend. But Good Knight turns out to be just as good as Bad Knight is bad. He can talk to his mother about cooking, is terrific at swordsmanship, goes into the haunted forest with aplomb, and has even mastered tapestry making. During his visit he comes top of the class while his cousin lingers at the bottom rung. The teacher plans a tournament with the pair playing each other, with rather predictable results, that is until a dragon arrives and target Good Knight. But cousin Bad knows just what to do, luring the dragon away so that he can use his invention to the satisfaction of everyone, except of course, the dragon.
A funny read, children will learn lots of information about medieval times as well as courage and friendship. The humorous illustrations will further entreat the readers as they read through the book, and they will pore over the endpapers with their intricate drawings designed to tickle everyone's funny bone.
Fran Knight