Excuse me by Lisa Kerr

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(Age: 3-5) Five Mile Press IBN 9781760069780 Board book. Another in the Cheeky Monkey Manners series, sees Cheeky Monkey learning when to use 'Excuse me'. When he really wants to go to the park and he can't get his mother's attention, Mr Owl suggests that he just says 'Excuse me' and perhaps his mother will listen to him. And it works! While he was at the park, he keeps doing things like bumping into his friends on the slide or sneezing on their faces and his friends say 'Excuse you, Cheeky Monkey'. It takes his friends a few reminders before Cheeky Monkey finally remembers to say 'Excuse me' after a big burp.
The examples given in the story are a fun way for young children to learn how to say Excuse me and when it is appropriate to use the phrase. All the examples are ones that they would be familiar with: a trip to the park, sliding down the slippery dip, playing in the sandpit and sneezing at the sand, and listening to stories.
The five page spread is just long enough for the young child listening to the story to get the message and not be bored and the colourful illustrations add lots of humour to the narrative.
This series is an effective and fun way for parents and teachers to re-inforce good manners.
Pat Pledger