Cheeky Monkey: When I grow up by Lisa Kerr

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The Five Mile Press, 2015. ISBN 9781760067854
(Ages: 3-7) Recommended. This is a new addition to the very popular Cheeky Monkey series. Available in hardback with thick card pages, the book is durable for little hands, but will also interest older children because of its 'when I grow up' theme. As with the other Cheeky Monkey books, there are bright, engaging pictures filled with little details and things to discuss. Children will delight in finding all the little mice on every page and will find new details in repeated readings. The story itself shows Cheeky Monkey daydreaming about what special job he will have when he is older. He contemplates many professions that he thinks might suit him. He would make a fearless fireman and a patient policeman, and he thinks he would look nice in a white doctor's coat. Some things he thinks he might not be so good at . . . perhaps not a chef because he only knows how to cook bananas. The story ends with a nice message as Cheeky Monkey can't decide but is just happy being himself for now and will worry about growing up later.
This fun book opens children's world up to the possibilities of being a grown-up, as well as spring-boarding a conversation about occupations and how we are all good at different things.
Nicole Nelson