Soul print by Megan Miranda

cover image

Bloomsbury, 2015. ISBN 9781408855409
(Age: 13+) Recommended. 'I am Alina Chase - my soul is my own.'
Set in the near future, the world makes the amazing discovery of souls. They can be accessed, they can be studied. Souls never die, they get reborn into new bodies, new identities. But are they the same person? Will they have the same likes, dislikes, same interests, same fears? The studies say yes.
Alina is being held captive on an island, guards surrounding every exit possible, with servants and caretakers who never stay for too long. Her mother gone, her father dead, her whole life spent in boundaries all because of one thing: her soul is June Calahan's, a notorious criminal that nobody wants to have her history repeated, and so is Alina's fate. But one day, she escapes, escapes with the help of strangers and she finds herself in June's place - running, hiding and finding the truth.
Gripping you tight and never letting you go, Miranda grabs your shoulders and leaps with you off into a frenzy of action and suspense. Readers will have no problem falling in love with the main heroine as she struggles to prove to the world and herself that she is her own identity, not a copy, not a soul, but Alina Chase. Dive into this book of self identity, innocence and guilt, loss and new love, chase the answers and hide from the lies. Twists and truths that sends one gasping and riddles in desperate need of solving - Soul print does not disappoint.
Clarissa Cornelius (Student)