Dog and the lost leg by Carlee Yardley

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Walker Books 2015. ISBN 9781925081084
(Age: 5-7) Dog was not feeling well. What could be wrong?
Then Dog's good friend, Fox, noticed that Dog was missing a leg! No wonder Dog could not jiggle!
Dog tried all sorts of other legs as, together, the friends searched for the missing leg and Fox tried, in vain, to cheer up his friend.
He was even offered an extra tail to try! But, dog was NOT happy.
Then, Fox had an idea...
Dog and Fox, and everyone else including the scenery in this very appealing book, are patchwork, the kind your big sister might have made.
And, thanks to clever Pip, Dog got a brand new leg, AND his jiggle back.
A delightful story to captivate younger children.
J Kerr-Smith