Lara of Newtown by Chris McKimmie

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Allen & Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781760112325
Author and Illustrator Chris McKimmie has created another quirky book in his unique style. This is a story of a cat that, after being abandoned by its original owner, discovers new homes encountering some difficulties en route. The story is not appealing in complication or resolution nor is it particularly strong in any other narrative features and would not be endearing to a young child (even if they do like cats!).
The illustration style, with drawings by very young relatives and other young participants which are collaged with McKimmie's own drawings in a similar naive style are not particularly appealing in colour or style. The book is relatively dark in colour tones and it relies on its uniqueness of style rather than its strength in illustration. I am not sure that it would actually appeal to the younger reader except as an example of how their own drawings could be used to illustrate a story.
Carolyn Hull