Phyllis Wong and the waking of the wizard by Geoffrey McSkimming

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Allen & Unwin, 2015. ISBN 9781760113384
(Age: 9+) Phyllis Wong is a sixteen year old girl who lives with her father and a small dog, Daisy. Her life to an outsider seems normal bordering on mundane. Only her best friends, Clement, and Chief Inspector Barry Inglis know that she really is a great magician and has just started time travel, or time hop. With help from her Grandfather, great magician, Wallace Wong, they both transit across centuries to find history's greatest magician of all time.
However, as they journey through the ages, they are being followed by another traveller. He appears to be two steps in front of them but why?
Phyllis Wong and the waking of the wizard is aimed at pre-adolescent readers, which is why I found it difficult to enjoy, however in saying that the characters are genial and a younger reader would find them easy to relate to. The chapters flow well together and it is simple to keep track of the story. Readers will appreciate the book more if they have read the previous two books in the series (Phyllis Wong and the return of the conjuror and Phyllis Wong and the forgotten secrets of Mr Okyto), but Geoffrey McSkimming made it easier by making footnotes regarding previous books.
For young fans of the Harry Potter series, they are sure to enjoy this magical, mystery book.
Jody Holmes