The toy fairy by Stephanie Thatcher

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Starfish Bay Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9780994100733
(Age: Preschool-6) Recommended. Compassion. Selfishness. A young boy who does not tidy his room before he goes to bed is warned that the toy fairy will take them away. The worldly-wise young man is sceptical about this explanation, believing his father to be complicit in the disappearance. Eventually (after toys do indeed disappear), the young lad sees the toy fairy in person and is himself 'stolen' by the toy fairy. After rediscovering his missing toys, he is then relocated with his missing pirate ship to a home of a classmate who is living with no toys. The experience awakens compassion in the boy.
This book is beautifully illustrated and the discussion possibilities of addressing selfishness and caring for others could make this a good book to include in Values Education. It is suited to Preschool or Junior Primary children.
Carolyn Hull