Dragonfall Mountain by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen

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The Warlock's Child bk 2. Ford Street, 2015. ISBN 9781925000931
(Ages: 10+) Fantasy. Following on immediately from the first in the series and beginning in the middle of a battle, it is wise to have read the first book which introduced the main characters, including the dragon, with suggestions of unknown forces at play, magic and traitors yet to be discovered.
Dantar, the son of Dravinian Battle Warlock Calbaras is heading to shore having been flung from his sinking ship. He is captured by the Savarian sailors and set to work cleaning the prison castle believing his status as an officer will keep him safe.
Dantar's sister Velza, having also escaped as the Dravinian fleet is destroyed by the Savarians with a little help from the marauding dragon, is determined to rally the survivors and continue their mission to destroy the port.
The death of the dragon Dravaud, Calabaras alive and well and seemingly welcome in the Savarian castle, and the reappearance of Marko who assists Dantar to escape via the sewers, add to the action and intrigue. The confrontation between more dragons and the King leaves the reader anxious for the next instalment to find out who 'the creatures of forbidden magic' are dangling from the dragon's claws, and what is really going on in this word of power, treachery and magic.
Once again there are more questions than answers but the easy to read, fast paced text keeps the reader interested as alternate chapters follow the fortunes of Dantar and Velza telling the story from their different situations and viewpoints.
Sue Keane