Operation Boy Band by Yvette Poshoglian <br>

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Ill. by Jacqui Davis. Frankie Fox - Girl Spy. Lothian Children's Books, 2015. ISBN 9780734415707
For afficiandos of EJ 12, Frankie Fox, aimed at a slightly older audience, has all the attributes to keep them reading. Not only is she a capable spy but the boy band of the title, Band of Brothers, is enough to make any music fan curious, especially as they appear to be modelled on One Direction.
Frankie (Francesca) lives with her father, a billionaire scientist and her dog Boss in Harbour City where she attends school and pursues her career as a junior spy for Griffin, against the evil Alliance. After participating in a school Robot Wars Tournament and progressing to the next round, Frankie is sent to Edinburgh Scotland, by Griffin, where she meets up with other agents and is excited to attend a Band of Brothers concert. There they discover that the band's song Freedom appears to brainwash the audience. Despite what appears to be an earthquake in the middle of the concert which causes chaos, the band members carry on their performance unfazed. Alliance is suspected.
Attending a Symposium of Bright Young Minds at the Institute of Autonomous Robotics and Artificial Life in Aberdeen, Frankie and partner JJ are to investigate the involvement of Professor Boffini who it is believed is developing a robot army with less than honourable intentions. Frankie escapes after a confrontation with Boffini and his army which confirms all their suspicions.
The action then moves back to Harbour City where it is up to Frankie and JJ to save the city by preventing Band of Brothers singing their signature tune, Freedom, and expose Boffini and his robots army.
The easy to read text has a quote from the Spy's Handbook to begin each chapter which will help readers predict the action to follow. The smaller font size of the print may be a turn off for some readers who otherwise would enjoy the characters and action packed adventures.
Sue Keane