The Wilderness Fairies series by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove

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Penguin, 2015.
Daisy takes charge. ISBN 9780143307486
Daisy's secret. ISBN 9780143307495
(Age: K-3)
Across a meandering river
In a forest tall and green
Live the magical Wilderness Fairies
And their wise Fairy Queen.

Guided by their Callings
The Wilderness Fairies strive
To use their magic wisely
And help the forest thrive.

But one impatient fairy
Has lessons yet to learn
Her Calling to discover
And fairy wings to earn.

Readers first met this lovable fairy early in 2014 in Daisy's quest and Daisy's new wings and now, much to the delight of a number of young girls I know, she is back in two new adventures. In Daisy takes charge her sister Maggie is going to compete in a singing contest with Melody Magpie but the jealous and spiteful Grevillea has other ideas about who the winner will be. In Daisy's secret she is invited to visit Queen Jasmine but right from her meeting with Keeper Raven of Tea-tree House security, things do not go well. From a mysterious conversation overheard through a closed door Daisy finds herself on an amazing adventure with the future of Fairyland resting on her shoulders.
With the Australian bush as the background, readers are introduced to a variety of its flora and fauna through very clever characterisations and there is a substance to these stories that other fairy books do not always have. Daisy is what many young readers would like to be - apart from being a fairy which could be enough in itself, Daisy is resourceful and resilient and even though she makes mistakes her actions are always driven by her concern for others. Interspersed with detailed illustrations by Kerry Millard, this series offers newly-independent readers a modern take on the more traditional fairytale.
And the fairies have their own website for even more fun and reading.
Barbara Braxton