Onsie Mumsie! by Alice Rex

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Illus. by Amanda Francey. New Frontier Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9781925059243
(Age:3-6 years) We see them everywhere - the ubiquitous animal onsie. What young child today would not have one of their own? Penguin, tiger, bear, rabbit. . . the little girl in Onesie Mumsie has many! In fact, she refuses to go to bed until she has tried on all of her onesies. Mum is surprisingly patient as her young daughter tries on her rabbit onesie and then decides 'it might be bedtime for rabbits, but it's not bedtime for. . . crocodile!' And so it continues with the young girl taking on the persona of various animals while her Mum cuddles, tucks in and says goodnight to each animal in turn. The surprise ending sees mum put on her own onesie.
The loveable illustrations make use of the colour of each onesie in providing the palette for each page. The rabbit page is tinted pink and highlights the pink elements of the girl's bedroom, while the crocodile page is primarily green. The illustrations also provide an insight into the little girl's imagination as we see her as a hungry crocodile swimming up to her mother in a boat and as a penguin sliding along in the snow. All these scenes retain some elements of her bedroom so we know that we are journeying into her imagination.
This is a repetitive and predictable story, perfect for children to read with their parents, or by themselves. It would make a great bedtime story and will be enjoyed by young children and parents because of its fun and playful tone. This spirited story with its realistic illustrations will appeal to all young children, especially those who love dressing up and using their imagination.
Nicole Nelson