The Reign by Lynne Stringer

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Verindon bk 3. Wombat Book, 2014. ISBN 9781921632709
In the third and final book of the Verindon series Lynne Stringer keeps the action ramped as star-crossed lovers, Keridan and Sarah finally get together, but for how long?
The book opens with Overlord, Lady Sarah, reluctantly choosing her consort. Sarah has begun to accept her responsibilities as Overlord though still with anger and resentment at being denied the man she loves. It is not until a near successful attempt on her life, which Sarah herself, in the most unexpected way foils, that she is able to be with her true love.
Yet nothing is simple on Verindon. Even as Sarah's hopes and dreams are fulfilled, the machinations of Denzik continue to plague her and soon she, Keridan, their friends and those that they are sworn to protect confront danger on every front. Even Sarah's newly discovered abilities don't promise safety.
Though the ultimate outcome is positive, the reader must bid farewell to two familiar characters, which in one case was surprisingly sad. However, at the very end, in the midst of an idyllic picnic, the reader is left wondering if Stringer has just laid the background for a future series on Verindon.
Stringer has provided and managed many resolutions in this final book with an adroitness that promises continued success.
R. Lange