We all looked up by Tommy Wallach

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Simon and Schuster, 2015. ISBN 9781481418775
(Age: Upper secondary) Swearing, Drug use. Emotional abuse. Everything that could be an issue is given to each of the four protagonists. Eliza's mother has gone to live in Hawaii and her dad is dying from cancer. She is very smart. Anita's parents have non-negotiable rules that Anita will go to a prestigious college even though she wants to sing. Peter is a star at basketball and Andy has no aspirations. An imminent asteroid called Ardor is about to hit the earth and everyone is concerned and frightened about their imminent demise. So, what they have and haven't achieved is uppermost in their minds and this leads to risks they would never have taken. From this perspective, the inner discussions of each person enables the reader to share their beliefs and worries. The physical violence is always prominent, real, very unsettling and scary. The four young people learn about themselves as well may the reader. It's a fascinating journey. It's one that encourages the reader to look beneath the surface to what is really important in his or her life. An unsettling book but with many areas for real discussion.
Recommended for Upper Secondary only as strong language and drug use devalues the very fascinating issues that this author discusses.
Sue Nosworthy