Squishy McFluff: Meets Mad Nana Dot by Pip Jones

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Ill. by Ella Okstad. Faber & Faber, 2015. ISBN 9780571302543
(Age: 4-6) Recommended. Themes: Imaginary friends, New babies, Grandparents, Families, Poetry. Can you see him? My kitten? Only his outline and paw prints as he appears across the pages, engaging in fun and games with his best real friend Ava. Squishy McFluff, Ava's imaginary pet returns in another fun family outing. Dad's in a panic, Mum's ready to have the baby and Ava's off to stay with Nana Dot.
Nana Dot's a special grandparent, she's lost her glasses and believes Squishy is real. Nana eats her fried eggs with honey, her gnomes are all named and her garden filled with plastic flowers. Her house has succumbed to a new decorating style, everything is covered in spots, Dot by name and dotty by design!
The next morning at the hairdressers, Ava helps mix the hair dyes, when the towel is removed Nana's hair is bright green! On the way home, Squishy decides to hide in the postbox and the postman is called to help him come out. Finally Dad arrives to collect Ava and her cat and take them home to meet her new baby sister Roo.
This story told in simple rhyme, is easy and enjoyable to read. Ella Okstad's choice of the color palette using shades of red, green and black complements her lively character sketches.
Rhyllis Bignell