The super amazing adventures of Me Pig by Emer Stamp

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Scholastic, 2015. ISBN 9781407155982
(Age: 7-9) Farm animals. Diaries. Pigs. Farm life. 'THIS IS MY DIARY (I is Pig) You is NOT allowed to be reading it. Unless you are nice!'
There are wimpy diaries and dorky diaries, sporting diaries and historical diaries, so why not a diary written by a pig! Who knew pigs could write! His English is fairly basic, he's a flatulent pig who loves his food, his friend Duck and his life at the farm. Each chapter is creatively titled - Bobbleday, Bonzerday and Chillyday and Pig's simple diary entries describe the weather, food consumed and hanging out with Duck. Mr and Mrs Sandal the new owners are vegetarian and affectionately call Pig, Piggybin.
Unfortunately, Kitty comes with them to live on the farm. Kitty is not all she seems on the surface, she befriends Pig even sleeping next to him in the sty. Duck is wary and warns Pig about her real motives. When the birds that sing early each morning and wake up Pig disappear, Pig is happy. Pig discovers them in the kitchen, lying on the floor not moving. Kitty lies and says she found them frozen on the ground at night. Something's not right on the farm. Kitty is very devious, she brings the keys to the huge organic vegetable garden and invites Pig in to feast on all the tasty parsnips, cauliflowers and broccoli.
The consequence is huge; Pig is off to the Old Farmer's Pie Factory, along with all the sheep and cows on the farm. Luckily Duck comes up with a plan and she calls the Phantom Bantams in to help with the situation.
This a fun story. There are trotter prints and smudges on the pages, Emer Stamp's diary entries are quirky, and his sketches add interest to the story.
Rhyllis Bignell