Lest We Forget by Kerry Brown

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HarperCollins Children's Books, 2015. ISBN 9780733332333
(Age: All readers) Highly recommended. Lest We Forget supports readers in remembering the 100th anniversary World War 1 and the ANZAC spirit that evolved. A young boy remembers his grandfather's comments about memories and days we need to remember and those we need to forget. As the story unfolds, the young boy remembers memories he wants to remember and forget. At the same time, images flashback to his grandfather's experiences in World War 1. This is highly recommended for all readers - whether reading with an adult or independently. Children aged 9+ will enjoy the images and the text and will learn about a war that still has a huge affect on the world today. It will give them an idea of the sacrifices made and would be a great way to introduce a unit on Gallipoli or World War 1 in the classroom.
Kylie Kempster