My Pop is a pirate by Damon Young

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Ill. by Peter Carnavas. University of Queensland Press, 2014. ISBN 9780702253614
(Age: 4-6) Highly recommended. This funny picture book showcases the loving relationship of a granddaughter and her pirate pop as well as presenting pops enjoying their lives, hobbies, vehicles, activities and food choices. There's the grandpa in a singlet and thongs who nibbles noodles with grated cheddar cheese, whilst the hippy pop complete with a snake entwined in his Afro, scoffs big salads with rocket and chickpeas. The refrain 'But my pop is a pirate' tells about the wild and wacky activities the little girl's pop enjoys - shooting his pirate parrot out of a cannon and crunching catfish on his claw.
Damon Young's alliterative rhymes need to be read aloud to the young audience, his rhythmic style and funny scenarios celebrate the exciting lives of grandpas and pops. Peter Carnavas' colourful and funny illustrations add to the excitement of this rollicking picture book. Pirate Pop with his golden peg leg, fierce hook, patch and toothy grin is a comical character who loves to share his adventures.
Rhyllis Bignell.