False note by Susannah McFarlane

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EJ12 Book 19. Scholastic Australia, 2015. ISBN 9781925206029
(Age: 8-10) Highly recommended. Music and instruments play an important role in this nineteenth installment of the extremely popular EJ12 series. Emma Jacks is frustrated, she desperately wants to write a special song for the passion projects her schools set annually. Each girl student is tasked with writing, performing or presenting something they are passionate about and Emma is trying to write a song that captures each of her friends' and band members' personalities in the music and lyrics.
'Music is like a code - but one that the heart cracks rather than the head,' Miss Nevlin, Emma's music teacher wisely encourages her. Just as she tidies up her music sheets, her mobile phone pings and she's summoned for her next mission. At mission headquarters, EJ12 needs to solve a coded musical clue sent by the evil Shadow Agency.
Evil Alice Noir has mysteriously broken out of prison and is orchestrating an involved plot with priceless violins from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. EJ12 is ready with her fellow SHINE Agents to travel across Sydney using zippy scooters and fast jet-skis. This mission calls for special agents C1 and C2 trained cockatoos to assist in reconnaissance. There are covert meetings in cafes, disappearing violinists, self-playing violins, hypnotised audiences and a special concert to perform at the Opera House.
Susannah McFarlane's ever popular EJ12 series continues to deliver all the elements the fans love - fast-paced action, mysteries to unravel, twisted plots, codes to solve with supportive friends all working together to fight the evil in the world.
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