Hugless Douglas goes to Little School by David Melling

cover image

Hachette, 2015. ISBN 9781444915600
(Age: 3-6) Highly recommended. The sun is shining on Hugless Douglas and his friends as they join the Walking Bus ready for their first day at Little School. Miss Moo-Hoo their teacher has a wonderful outdoor classroom with cushions on the grass and a tree filled with art supplies. Hugless Douglas is there to lend a hand, he helps everyone hang up their bags and just for fun he ties one of the sheep up as well. Everyone has a different idea about their favourite activity, the duck loves sploshing, of course Douglas loves hugging, so everybody gives each other a welcome hug. Miss Moo-Hoo spreads a large sheet of white paper down for painting and the class goes wild, Douglas uses one of the sheep dipped in green paint to make bottom prints! He is a very helpful bear who catches all his friends when the giant block tower topples. The story ends with small vignettes of their exciting first day at Little School, everything from the Naughty Step to Wash and Tidy-up and Will-You-Be-My-Friend Hugs.
This is a delightful picture book by David Melling. Douglas is a loveable character drawn with a range of expressive emotions. The bright, vibrant colours and pen and ink drawings d bring the animal characters' activities to life. The audience's interest is captured as the school scenes sweep up, down and diagonally across the pages. Follow the characters, take time to discover all of their fun and adventures, watch the duck enjoy the water play and the sheep's playful actions.
Hugless Douglas is a well-loved character and this new story is great for sharing.
Rhyllis Bignell