My lost mob by Venetia Tyson

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Magabala Books, 2015. ISBN 9781922142917
Age: 3-6) Aboriginal themes. Australian animals. Belonging. Emu has lost his mob. He goes searching, asking all the animals he sees where his mob might be. He follows the tracks to the kangaroo, but he wants to keep sleeping, he tries to wake lizard, but he wants to be left alone, the cassowary gives different directions to follow, the owl refuses to share his food and the dancer puts the emu in another direction and finally turtle points him to the hills past the waterhole, and emu finds his mob.
This is a lovely tale of belonging, of finding where you belong, of searching for your group. Emu asks for advice to help him on his way, and although some advice is unhelpful, he continues to search for his companions. In a classroom where belonging is under discussion this will be a useful resource, starting off conversations about whose mob we belong to, and as a result just who we are.
Bright, vivid illustrations done in a naive style accompany the text, ensuring that younger readers will learn a lot about the bush and the animals that live there.
Fran Knight