What's in my Lunchbox? by Peter Carnavas

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Ill. by Kat Chadwick. New Frontier, 2015. ISBN 9781925059038
Highly recommended for 3-6 year olds.
Today in my lunchbox
I happened to find ...
Take time to explore the front cover and the endpapers first. Ask the young reader to predict the possible contents of the young boy's lunchbox. Check out the back cover will it be one of the healthy, smiling food choices - sushi, a strawberry or a sausage encircling the blurb?
When the young boy opens his lunchbox for the first time, he finds an apple. Unfortunately he doesn't like apples and as he discards the fruit, a little tear slips down the apple's face. Time for another prediction, after the refrain, he finds a fish swimming in his lunchbox, serving up two Japanese delicacies. Over the next days he finds larger and more unbelievable treats served by a variety of animals. This is one very fussy boy!
The font size is large and the text is very simple, a great story to share with a young family, at child care or preschool. Kat Chadwick's complementary pastel backgrounds draw the eye to the big, bold paint and ink drawings of the surprising food and animals. Each of the pieces of food has an expressive face showing a range of emotions.
A delightful story that the young audience can begin to read along with the text.
Rhyllis Bignell