Alice-Miranda at the palace by Jacqueline Harvey

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Alice-Miranda bk 11. Random House Australia, 2015. ISBN 9780857982728
(Age: 8-11) Highly recommended. Mischief and mayhem, parties and plots, spies and surprises are all wonderfully woven threads in the latest and much anticipated Alice-Miranda novel.
Queen Georgiana's celebrating her silver jubilee at Evesbury Palace and Alice-Miranda's family and friends are all invited. The prologue introduces the intrigue, a mysterious man in a bowler hat receives a folder with instructions to kidnap someone close to the queen. Meanwhile, after the last assembly of the term, annoying Caprice overhears Jacinta, Millie and Alice-Miranda discussing their palace holiday plans. Caprice tags along with her mother Venetia Baldini, a famous chef catering for the Queen's celebrations.
Mysterious rhyming messages foretelling the kidnapping are being handled by agents from SPLOD - the Secret Protection League of Defence. When Head Agent Marjorie Plunkett and Chief of Staff Thornton Thripp finally inform the Queen of the plot, she decides to keep the girls safe at the palace for the whole week.
Meanwhile, mystery surrounds a cottage in the woods where a reclusive lady and her protective raven live. Edgar and Louis, the queen's grandsons are also up to something secretive in the old hunting tower. Alice-Miranda, Millie, Jacinta and Sloane enjoy the fun and festivities, minding the babies, playing games and dressing up for the special dinner party.
Jacqueline Harvey has delivered another fabulous Alice-Miranda adventure filled to the brim with all the exciting elements that her readers love.
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Rhyllis Bignell