The case of the really, really scary things by Michael Gerard Bauer

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Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale bk 2. Ill. by Joe Bauer. Omnibus, 2015. ISBN 9781742990668
Recommended for readers from 8-10 years. Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale returns in another action-packed adventure. His task is to outwit Dr McEvilness and the dastardly villains at Exclusively Evil and stop them wreaking havoc with their fear inducing machine - the FANGLE. Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale is an over-the-top comic spy with his strong physique, surfboard style hairdo, exaggerated facial features and of course - buff body, he's always shirtless.
Derek's vacation at the Sun Seekers Resort is interrupted by the Head of Secret Agents R Definitely NOT Us, after only twenty-seven minutes as he's needed back at Headquarters. Before he leaves, Derek uses his amazing skills and initiative to rescue a bunch of young swimmers from the clutches of an escaped Giant Squid, using only a lane rope, sunscreen, dead fish and a giant bucket of ice cream.
Back home, his mission is to find out who has stolen an ancient Agorian statuette from the museum. The guards' conflicting reports state that the thief was either an eight-metre tall giant cockroach or an ugly, slimy toad. Derek's unique super spy skills are needed to save the day.
This new Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale story is filled with crazy-named humorous characters, funny puns, diabolical plots, unexpected situations and action-a plenty. Gerard Michael Bauer's amusing story is uniquely paired with his son Joe's cartoon strips running vertically on each page.
Rhyllis Bignell