The Last Thirteen series by James Phelan

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Scholastic, 2014
Book 1: ISBN 9781742831848
Book 2: ISBN 9781742831855
Book 3: ISBN 9781742831862
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Adventure, Thriller. Adventure and thrills aplenty in this serving of a series for boys about Sam saving the world. Sam has been seeing a psychiatrist since the death of his best friend, Bill in a fire destined to consume the two boys. And yet he still has shocking nightmares, ones that disturb his sleep and make him drowsy. But at school one day, the impossible happens. Just like a movie, helicopters appear, dropping men from the sky, lasering those who get in their way. Their target is Sam, who they take with them, and as they do he hears his science teacher, call out, 'we'll find you'. What an opening. The twists and turns in this breathless adventure will keep readers turning the pages to see if Sam, one of the Thirteen Dreamers, can save the world. The thirteen books in the series show the gathering of the thirteen together in a place in Switzerland, and with 13 written boldly across the front cover, the books can be easily spotted on the library shelves or in the bookshop. The next in the series, 12, follows Sam and his new friends as they must find Solaris, something from one of Sam's dreams. And 11 sees their enemies growing stronger as Sam must unlock the puzzle in the ancient journal.
Scholastic has a terrific trailer for this series, and a website that supports the stories with games along with more information about the books and their characters.
Fran Knight