Minton Goes! by Anna Fienberg

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Ill. by Kim Gamble. Allen & Unwin, 2014
(Age: 4-7) Highly recommended. Minton Goes includes seven adventure-filled stories in one big book, from Hector the Hottest Boy who ever lived to all of Minton the spotty salamander's escapades. Hector and Minton live on a tropical island. They enjoy mangoes and pineapples and each other's company. Hector longs for a real friend, someone to talk to and hug, however, he's too hot to touch. Minton rides on his big toe because salamanders can dance through fire. After a tropical storm, they are blown out to sea and begin a new life in a Viking village. Hector's warmth is used in lots of creative ways.
Minton leaves Hector behind and goes off on his own adventures. He loves anything that moves, boats, trucks, cars and submarines. With his less adventurous friend Turtle they explore the world, making model vehicles out of everyday objects. The plans for construction are included at the end of each story. The themes of these stories celebrate friendship, creativeness and resourcefulness.
This is a wonderful story collection from Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble's creators of the Tashi series. There is a seamless, complimentary collaboration between the story and the illustrations. It's time to introduce Hector and Minton to a new generation of young readers.
Rhyllis Bignell