The last thirteen (series) by James Phelan

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Scholastic, 2014.
The last thirteen 2. ISBN 9781742831954
The last thirteen 1. ISBN 9781742831961
(Age: 9-15) Highly recommended. 13 Books 13 Nightmares 1 Destiny.
In The last thirteen 2 (Book 12) the Dreamers are spread across the globe from Antarctica to Egypt, each being drawn into dangerous situations and confrontations with their enemies. Sam escapes from Solaris' clutches in Melbourne and travels with Eva and Jabari to search for Alex lost in the frozen Antarctic. Meanwhile the Professor sends Poh, Phoebe, Maria, Cody and Xavier to the supposed safety of Dr Dark's residence. Xavier is disturbed by his father's appearance and mental state as they are led deep underground into a maze. James Phelan's action-packed adventure continues to deliver unexpected twists and turns as each Dreamer is drawn into the race for the final revelation.
With The last thirteen 1 (Book 13) the much anticipated conclusion to popular The last thirteen series has finally arrived. As the Dreamers gather in Egypt to see the prophecy fulfilled, Sam and Solaris are drawn into a life-threatening battle. James Phelan keeps the reader enthralled right up to the final scenes, as the gears are connected and the last battle between good and evil occurs.
The series is very popular at school, they appeal to readers who enjoy technology, action, adventure and mysteries.
Rhyllis Bignell