Alice in Wonderland

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Disney Vintage Collection. Chirpy Bird, 2014. ISBN 9781742978215
(Age: K-4) One summer day, while daydreaming through a history lesson, Alice spotted a fully dressed white rabbit hurrying past. Curious, she followed him - down a rabbit hole and into an enchanted world.
Wonderland was a peculiar place, filled with strange creatures and nonsense. The Mad Hatter was busy celebrating his 'unbirthday', the Cheshire Cat could appear and disappear at will, and the temperamental Queen of Hearts would yell 'off with their heads' to anyone who offended her - including poor Alice . . .
This is a retelling of the Lewis Carroll classic that is perfect for younger readers. Whether read aloud or read alone, it is a wonderful introduction that encapsulates the essence of Carroll's tale without being overwhelming. In its special vintage livery of cloth spine, gold foil and full colour illustrations in the traditional Disney style, it is the final in this series which includes Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Pinocchio. Each one in the series is a great way to start children off on their journey through the stories that have endured from generation to generation, providing the foundation for understanding the originals when they are ready.
Definitely worth having in your collection and suggesting to parents and grandparents as a perfect gift.
Barbara Braxton