The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

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Don Tillman Bk 2. Text, 2014. ISBN 9781922182104
(Age: Adult-Senior Secondary) Recommended. Don Tillman continues the story that was begun in The Rosie Project. This time he and Rosie are based in New York when Rosie drops a bombshell, saying that she is pregnant. The pregnancy proves to be a big challenge for Don, who as usual over compensates by reading many books and sourcing advice from his friends, a therapist and the internet. This often has hilarious consequences, but leads to much misunderstanding and threatens his marriage.
I found this a touching and very humourous read. Don finds himself questioning whether or not he is suitable for fatherhood. With Simsion making a few cynical and very funny pokes at the nature of therapy, and taking Don to witness the live birth of a calf to give him practical experience of childbirth, the reader gains much insight into the feelings of a new father to be and empathises with both Rosie and Don as they face this new challenge in their lives. I loved the references to BUD (Baby Under Development) and the charts that Don drew on the wall showing the growth of the foetus.
Don of course triumphs over all the adversity and manages to help out his friends while he wades through a maze of mix-ups and trials. On the way he demonstrates that he is capable of showing empathy and that he is not just a logical person.
Like The Rosie Effect, this book is satisfying and funny and leaves the reader feeling good.
Pat Pledger