Jake in space: Robot games by Candice Lemon-Scott

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New Frontier Publishing, 2014. ISBN 9781925059120
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. Jake in Space: Robot Games is a quick moving mystery set in space. Our main character, Jake, and his friends have arrived at the Robot Games. One of Jake's friends, Henry, is a cyborg. His systems start failing in the middle of the Games at the same time there are problems with the robot competitors. Is there a connection? The robot competitors take over the arena and imprison all humans. It is now up to Jake and his friends to save Henry and the whole human population. Can they solve the mystery in time?
Jake in Space: Robot Games is an easy to read novel aimed at boys who tend to be reluctant readers. The text is descriptive and the space setting, robots and sports will be appealing to readers aged 9+. Highly recommended for those reluctant readers.
Kylie Kempster