Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

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Throne of glass, bk 3. Bloomsbury, 2014. ISBN 9781408839126
(Age: 13+) Highly recommended. Celaena cannot do the King of Adarlan's wishes, she is sent off by Prince Dorian and Captain Chaol to keep her hidden. She is approached by dark and mysterious Rowan, sworn fae warrior to Celaena's Aunt Maeve, and is taken back to Maeve's realm. Celaena needs to obtain the secrets of the Wyrdmarks and to do so she needs to train with Rowen and prove her worth. Celaena must come to accept her troubled past and her heritage. Chaol must accept that the King he serves is an unjust ruler, while Dorian must accept the forbidden magic within him.
This is the third instalment of the Throne of Glass series, which is a must read. I love how the relationships in the Heir of Fire have developed. The characters are strong and are never as you first read them. After reading the first two books I thought I understood Celaena but everything changes in Heir of Fire. I could not put this book down; I just had to see the ending. I had to know who Celaena really is and whether she will accept her heritage or not. An amazing and captivating read that many would enjoy.
Cecilia Richards