Come count with me by Marika Wilson

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Allen & Unwin, 2014. ISBN 978174313435
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Counting. Grandparents. Little Big Book Club. In conjunction with The Little Big Book Club, Allen & Unwin has produced this delightful counting book, which not only shows the little chick learning to count but he teaches his Grandmother as well, helping her remember the numbers she once knew. In a library there are never enough counting books, as they are all so well used and loved that they fall apart very quickly. The ones left on the shelf are hard to move, but this one will have a wide audience. Its quirky pictures of the two chickens, Nana with her flyaway John Howard eyebrows and the little chicken who loves to count, will appeal to younger readers, first encountering the system of numbers used everyday.
In helping Nana learn her numbers, the reader will learn them too, laughing at the humorous way Nana helps her grandchild to learn them, pretending that she does not know them as well as she should. The numbers are repeated often through the book, mostly in their correct order, but sometimes getting them mixed, ensuring that the readers will call out the correct order.
The endpapers add to the story with the numbers again shown, this time with the appropriate numbers of items to remind the readers what each number means.
Fran Knight