Whisper the dead by Alyxandra Harvey

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The Lovegrove Legacy bk 2. Bloomsbury, 2014. ISBN 9781408854839
(Age: 12+) Paranormal. Witches. Magic. Romance. The second book in The Lovegrove Legacy series following A breath of frost centres on Gretchen, whose gift as a Whisperer is just starting to manifest. She has constant buzzing in her ears and doesn't know how to control her power. Tobias Lawless from the Order of Iron Nails has been sent to watch over her, and although he is handsome he is also cold and frustrating, but nevertheless very appealing. Gretchen does not act like a lady much to the disgust of the straitlaced Tobias, but when danger threatens the two must get together with the Lovegrove cousins, Emma and Penelope, to save London.
Fans of the first book will welcome the second although initially I had a little difficulty following what was going on and would have welcomed a short recap of the first book to refresh my memory. However as Gretchen's story unfolded, it was easy to become engrossed in this book set in an alternative Regency London where magic abounds. Gretchen is the tomboy cousin who doesn't want to abide by society's rules for a proper young lady. Tobias is all about abiding by rules and of course opposites attract and sparks fly!
There is plenty of action and plot twists and turns, and all the cousins are involved in fighting the evil. There is also heartbreak as awful things happen to loved ones.
People who enjoyed other books by Harvey will welcome this one, and fans of Cassandra Clare will find a new series to read.
Pat Pledger