The Broken Sun by Darrell Pitt

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A Jack Mason Adventure bk 3. Text Publishing, 2014. ISBN 9781922182166
(Age: 10-12) Recommended. Fans of Darrell Pitt's Jack Mason series will find this novel has all the historic, Steampunk and mystery elements they enjoy reading. Jack Mason, Scarlet Bell and Mr. Doyle return to solve a mysterious disappearance from the British Museum, a piece of the Broken Sun, an ancient artifact. As they travel on airships and steam trains across England, to Scotland and Norway to locate the other pieces of the relic, they are up against an evil group also determined to find the pieces a map that points to the treasures of Atlantis.
When Gloria, Mr Doyle's receptionist is poisoned, the trio must follow the clues to rediscover the lost city of New Atlantis and find the antidote a rare plant. In their battle to save Gloria, they also discover a plot to attack the English Houses of Parliament. During this race against time, Mr Doyle receives news that his son Phillip may still be alive. Of course the villains are connected with both calamitous situations.
Fast-paced action, ingenious escapes, The Broken Sun delivers all the factors the readers enjoy. Scarlet's constant comparisons to her favourite story character Brinkie Buckeridge are ever present, Doyle's references to his previous ways to solve puzzles with three bizarre objects are less evident, though he still consumes lint-covered cheese from his pockets. Jack is growing up and his investigative skills developing, together they make a great detective team.
Recommended for readers from 10-12.
Rhyllis Bignell