Dreamers by Ezekiel Kwaymullina

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Ill. by Sally Morgan. Fremantle Press, 2014. ISBN 9781922089700
(Age: 3+) Aboriginal themes, Dreaming. Children run, jump, dance and sleep across every page as the vibrant colurs swirl around them, cocooning them, and at the same time, making us more aware of their creativity and enticing the young reader to look more closely at their various poses. The images of the children at play in a multitude of situations are infectious, making the reader marvel at the variety. Sally Morgan's illustrations bring movement to the book, showing kids in all sorts of poses, making readers take note of the few words and what they mean.
Each nine syllable sentence is full of imagery, often an unusual one which readers will love to think about and discuss as they read the book. Where else have they come across children described as animal talkers and river runners, or rainbow dancers and night callers. I had to stop at the end of each phrase to muse on the range of meanings implied.
Full of fun and the joy of living, the book is a treat to read a loud and read alone. The luminous illustrations will grab the readers' attention and easily lure them into the fun and happiness of life. I can imagine lots of classes using this book as a model for their art and dance, acting and movement
I was surprised that so little information was given in the book about Ezekiel and Sally as this always gives clues about the background of the author and illustrator and perhaps point to where the ideas came from.
Information on Fremantle Press website, gives more information about this partnership of author and illustrator and teacher notes can be found here.
Fran Knight