Come count with me! by Marika Wilson

cover image

Allen and Unwin, 2014. ISBN 9781743313435
Come count with me! is the first picture book produced by Indigenous artist Marika Wilson. Published in conjunction with the Little Big Book Club it will be a popular book to share with younger preschoolers.
The joyous picture on the front cover of an older bird and a young chick dancing encourages the reader to meet the characters within. There is Nana, complete with spectacles, being encouraged to count with her young grandchild who is so proud he can count. But when Nana tries to count
'1,2, and 7,8, and 9?'
The chick is horrified!
'No! Nana! No!
You've got it all wrong... '
The little chick gives Nana a lesson in counting but when she still gets it wrong, he is angry,
'Nana! Nana!
Are you listening to me?'
But becomes more sympathetic as Nana reminds him of her age.
'I'll help you,
It was hard for me too, Nana.'
He proceeds to show her the numbers one to five culminating in the joyous picture from the cover as they dance around surrounded by five bees.
The simple stylised birds are full of character and love with the bright yellow of the chick and the more subdued colours of Nana washed over the ink outline.
This is a good introduction to counting for parents to share with their youngsters as they grasp the concept of numbers and one to one relationships. The parents will be amused by Nana's antics as she encourages her chick to teach her whilst he counts himself.
Sue Keane