Ophelia Wild, deadly detective by Elena de Roo

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Ill. by Tracy Duncan. Walker Books, 2014. ISBN 9781922077639
(Ages: 7-9) Recommended. Detectives. Supernatural. Poetry.
'Banish those gremlins!
Ghosts on the go!
Deadly detectives,
O. Wild and Co'
Ophelia is a feisty character, a great storyteller who uses her wild imagination and creativity to tackle zombies and monsters. In this sequel to Ophelia Wild, secret spy the deadly detectives are caught up in three new adventures. In school camp Ophelia can't wait for the ghost stories, pillow fights and fun and games to begin, however an allergic reaction to a bee sting changes her plans. In the sick bay, Ophelia keeps her new friend Beatrix Byrd entertained with the scariest ghost story. Zombie pox the second story describes the unique way Ophelia uses her chicken pox to become an actor in a zombie movie. The two young detectives assist Phoebe with the removal of a monster under her bed in A monster problem.
Elena de Roo's rhyming verse stories are dramatic and exciting with each page, complemented by Tracy Duncan's dark and scary illustrations.  These junior novels suited for readers from 7-9 years are a great introduction to narrative poetry.
Teacher's notes are available.
Rhyllis Bignell